It’s looking like it’ll be a few years until I can start at Brown.  When I started this journey (after being accepted) I had my own business, had time to do this, and was on the way to make enough coin to pay for it in cash.  But, life happened.

On the other hand, the reason for grad school is solely for my brothers foundation and if we’re being honest, the timing isn’t right.  Even if the stars aligned and I was going to start next year, it would be best to wait another year or two until the foundation is running on all cylinders.  My objective is to get as much out of the program as possible.

So I’m going to wait and that’s fine.  As with all things in my life, the timing has ALWAYS been perfect and is rarely on my timeline.

I’ll continue to do what I’m doing (writing, following football and squash at Brown, and making friends at the University).

I am 100% committed to being “The Graduate at Brown”.

Sincerely, The Graduate (at Brown)