College football is back baby!!!  This is my favorite time of the year.  Here in Georgia it finally starts cooling off (OK, so maybe not yet) and there’s something to do every weekend (albeit sit in front of a television).

Brown opened their season with a 35-27 win over Bryant.  I didn’t watch it, but I did follow it live on the net.


My Georgia Bulldogs are looking good too.  We’re 3-0 (North Carolina at The Dome, some no-name cupcake at home, and a last second barn burner versus Missouri on the road).

Up next: Brown vs. Harvard and Georgia vs. Ole Miss.


I’ve been playing squash twice a week.  Wednesday’s at the Driving Club and Friday’s at the Atlanta Athletic Club.  First off – I’m obsessed with squash.  I fall asleep thinking about it and watch tons of YouTube video’s.  But, this game will take the life out of you if you’re not physically ready for it.

Since I started playing regularly several months ago my achilles, hips, and back have hurt.  This is in addition to the normal wear and tear on your muscles.  And if that isn’t enough, my shoulder and chest muscle hurt now too.  I took last week off on account of it.

There are smarter ways to get back in shape than squash.  I suppose it didn’t help that I was lifting weights too after years of rarely stepping foot in a gym.  Anyway, there has been a hefty price to pay for choosing squash as my exercise of choice.  I can’t wait to play my weekly games with nothing but sore muscles.

Sincerely, The Graduate (at Brown)