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Who am I?  I’m a Family Man, Writer, Fly Fisherman, Healthcare Advocate, University of Georgia Grad, Golf & Squash Addict, Deadhead, and I’m Obsessed with Abstract Expressionism.

I’ve been a stockbroker, haberdasher, and banker.  I eventually took a shot at being an entrepreneur and left the corporate world to start a business raising capital for private equity funds.  My company was absorbed by a venture capital firm in 2016.  I now work in the healthcare space.

My younger brother died in 2006 from heart complications.  Jeffrey needed a heart transplant, but couldn’t get one in time.  Although I didn’t realize it at the time, spending three years in and out of an intensive care unit with him had an impact on every fiber of my being.  I am committed to making an impact in the American healthcare system; namely with organ transplants.

My parents and I are raising money to build housing facilities for organ transplant patients and their caregivers to live in while going through the organ transplant process.

Our family experienced the stress of being told Jeffrey had to have his heart transplant in another state.  News like that raises a TON of logistical and financial issues in short order.  This same scenario is all too common in the organ transplant space.  So we’re going to make sure they are elegant and comfortable places for people to temporarily live in so they can focus on this issue at hand – not where they’re going to sleep or if they can afford it.

Once we’ve created one in Atlanta we’re going to take it nationwide.  We will not only build places for families to stay in, we’re also going to raise national awareness around the need for organ donation.  This is why I’m going to Brown to get my masters degree in Healthcare Leadership.  I want to be with the best of the best.

So here’s to the first Jeffrey Campbell Evans House!  We want to honor his life by naming them after him, one after the other.  Welcome to the ride!


Brad Evans – The Graduate (at Brown)

unnamed (11) f5c0137e-ec3c-4366-af68-a2b1d5f0fe81

My daughter graduating from Kindergarten and my son graduating from Pre-K.

P.S. This blog started as a means to raise money to pay for my masters degree and documenting the process of getting into Brown.  Now it’s about documenting what I’m doing in the world of organ transplants and my experience at Brown.

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